Cheese is one of the most valuable food products. It contains nearly all substances that are necessary for the human body in the digestible form. Digestibility of cheese protein is 95%, of fat - 96% and carbohydrates – 97 %.
Regardless of the cheese class and the volume of the processed milk cheese production includes the following process stages:
  • acceptance and normalization of milk, cleaning, pasteurization and cooling of milk
  • preparation of milk for clotting, coagulation of milk and cutting the clot;
  • procession of cheese grain;
  • molding;
  • self-pressing, pressing;
  • marking, salting;
  • ripening and storage.
At the stage of milk acceptance and preparation it was weighed, the required tests were carried out to determine its quality, cleaning, cooling of milk, its storage, pasteurization and skimming.
The development of cheese grain is performed in cheese-making machines. These devices perform a variety of operations: preparation of milk for clotting, heating to the coagulation temperature, introduction of the necessary components (rennet, bacterial, yeast, calcium chloride, etc.). Cutting the clot, the selection of the part of whey, mixing and cheese grain formation.
There are two main ways of cheese formation – from the layer under the whey and dry-placed fill. Accordingly, in the first case molding devices are used, in the second case – whey separators. At the stage of pressing tunnel press arrangements are used. Cheese salting is held in salting pools with the use of containers. 
Cheese ripening and storage is performed in chambers that maintain the required temperature and humid conditions. Cheese heads are placed on containers with shelves. Cheeses ripen and are stored in polymer films or coated with special alloys.


Production technology of cheese Feta

The processing line for the production of cheese feta used by us includes the equipment: for the pre-heat treatment of milk, condensation of milk by ultrafiltration, pasteurization and homogenization of the concentrated product, mixture and enzyme dosing, packaging line. 
  • normalization, pasteurization, ultra filtration, homogenization, pasteurization 
  • fermentation, canning
  • formation of a clot
  • packaging, labeling, ripening.

The basis for the production technology of such cheeses is ultrafiltration of milk, in the process of which there occurs the concentration of the mixture to the desired degree of concentration of dry substances, introduction of enzyme, salt and starter culture, fast coagulation, further packing of the finished product. The content of protein, fat and other components is regulated automatically in accordance with the technology of the manufactured product. 
We use a line with cheese packaging in a jar with a sealable lid and a clamping cover, which allows to store the product after opening the packaging for a longer time. 
 The term of cheese ripening in the production of cheese feta is up to 5 days.


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