Materials and equipment

Much attention at the plant is given to the issues of safety and product quality. A team of highly skilled professionals provide pre-testing of the equipment that allows to remove the problems at the production in advance.
High quality products - this is the result of strict compliance with the technology, the use of raw materials, auxiliary materials and components of good quality, professional skills of the cheese makers.
Raw and auxiliary materials are purchased from the suppliers that ensure the quality and safety of the manufactured products. 
At the plant the process of purchasing raw and auxiliary materials is organized and carried out in such a way as to ensure a timely delivery and the compliance of purchased raw materials with the requirements of the regulatory document. The head of the procurement department shall be responsible for the organization and functioning of the procurement process. 
Incoming inspection of raw and auxiliary materials.
Raw and auxiliary materials are delivered to the company by the transport of the supplier or the company. The delivery is carried out under the controlled conditions. The acceptance of raw materials is carried out through the counter of milk acceptance. 
Raw materials are received in the presence of the CMR note and certificate of quality and safety, auxiliary materials are accepted in case of availability of the quality certificate, the certificate of state hygienic registration, the certificate of compliance. 
Sampling of raw stock and materials and their registration for the performance of the incoming inspection shall be carried out by the employees of the production laboratory. 
Physico-chemical control of raw materials shall be performed for each lot, the microbial control of raw materials shall be held not less than 1 time in 10 days, in the production laboratory of the company. Radiometric control of each type of product is carried out once a month in the production laboratory of the company.
The production laboratory of the company meets the criteria for the accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus and was accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025 in July of 2005.
Quality and safety control of the incoming raw and auxiliary materials is carried out in the accredited production and departmental laboratories according to the schemes of technical and chemical, laboratory control approved by the director of the company and agreed with the Kamenetz district Centre for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health.


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