Why people choose us

The company “Byelovezhskije Syry” brings joy and health to people creating high-quality and environmentally friendly products.

For the company’s products to remain natural, raw materials come from ecologically clean areas, and the preservatives in the process of manufacture are not used.  The products of OJSC “Byelovezhskiye Syry” are made without the use of genetically modified sources, from high-quality natural raw materials obtained from the animals raised without antibiotics, feeding stimulants, hormonal preparations.

The study of the assortment available on the market, the development of new formulations, the release of new kinds of products - an indispensable condition for the successful trade policy. That is why the assortment list of the company is increasing every year.

The organization seeks to create the value of the products for the buyer. The modification of products, new forms of cheeses, a new package design improve consumer product properties and increase its attractiveness in the eyes of the buyers.

The marketing strategy involves the development of service areas, the estimate of costs for the manufacture of a new product, the risk assessment during the implementation of products on the market, as well as the analysis of innovation, communications with customers, pricing and trade policy, taking into account the period of time for the introduction of products to the market and their life cycles.

Each year the company continues to improve increasing the powerful potential for the further development of new sales markets. 


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