For the conclusion of a supply contract the buyer provides the following list of documents required for the conclusion of the contract:
- state registration certificate of the Buyer (certified copy);
- full requisites.
OJSC “Byelovezhskije syry” works with clients on the conditions of prepayment for the supplied products and delay of payment. The methods of payment - bank transfer (transfer to the account).
In order to become a customer, you must submit a proposal by e-mail or call the contact phone numbers.
More detailed information can be obtained by contacting the marketing department.
Contact telephone numbers on export matters: 8 (01631) 71-042, +375 29 780 94 22, +375 33 353 42 29 Ignatenko Marina Kazimirovna
On sale on the territory of the Republic of Belarus: 8 (01631) 71-042; +375 33 608 08 30, Makar Irina Nikolaevna.
Taking into account the competition in the market, we strive to earn the trust of our partners, offering favorable conditions for the employees.
Since cheese is a noble product, then we make business with nobility: we appreciate commitment and activity.
Success does not come overnight. It's a long way of hard work. But the results are worth it!

Advantages of working wiyh us

1. The company produces only natural eco-friendly products, thereby taking care of health of every customer. The concept of “green marketing” is constantly taken into account and supported by the management. We can proudly say that the quality is the most important attribute of our business!

2. For us, one of the most important principles of cooperation is the team spirit and respect of each employee. We appreciate and encourage the initiative, solve common problems, find new ways for the development, and it all together hand in hand. Because “one man no man”, the team and the people who work with us - this is the potential of the company, with which one can thrive in the competitive “field of struggle”. The increase in sales depends on the development of the team spirit!
3. Keeping up with the times, we understand that without new products and a wide assortment to raise the curve of sales is impossible. Our cheeses, in particular, our exclusive kinds of cheese distinguish the company of a number of cheese-making plants in our country. Various kinds, a plenty of choice, the Belarusian effort are connected together so that everyone can taste the quality in taste, enjoy the aroma of cheese, be amazed at the originality of taste. Together with us you will enliven the lives of our favorite buyers!
4. Do you want to make money? A lot of talk is not necessary! We treat each client individually. And if you want a great deal, we have a lot to offer! Love your work, and it will love you back!
5. Advertisement is the engine of trade. It is necessary to remind constantly, to promote the brand. In this case, we will provide you with the required information, advertising leaflets and brochures, stipulate advertising campaigns and actions. It is performed for our and your convenience in order to raise the awareness and gain favor with the purchase: you are promoting our products, promoting the brand, we assist you and encourage this initiative.