• 12.06.2017

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  • 29.04.2017

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  • “Prodexpo -2013”


    As part of the international competition “Best Product 2012” soft cheese “Belaja Feta”, fat content 40% won a silver medal.

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  • Cheese “Byelovezhskij trufel


    New!!!!! For gourmets and lovers of cheese we offer cheese “Byelovezhskij trufel” , fat content 40%.  The cheese has a moderately cheesy, slightly sour taste with a hint of natural flavor of spice mixtures. Byelovezhskij trufel with dill and garlic, Byelovezhskij trufel with basil, Byelovezhskij trufel with roasted peanuts, Byelovezhskij trufel with paprika and garlic will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

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  • Tasting competition “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2012”


    The competition is held by the Central Tasting Commission of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

    The purpose of the contest - the identification and promotion of high-quality food products in the Russian market

    Competition awards

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