Our history

From the archives: on April 20, 1937 the administration of the Vysoko-Lithuanian dairy cooperative provided the construction project of the dairy plant in Vysoko-Litovsk (today Vysokoye) to the Brest povet eldership.

On October 22, 1937 the project of construction and equipment in Vysoko-Litovsk of the industrial plant for the production of dairy products and storage of eggs was approved under the name “District Cooperative Dairy Plant”.

This plant consisted of the main branch for the production of sour cream in Vysoko-Litovsk and 4 branches of creameries.
After the liberation of the territory from the Nazis the plant began operation in 1944. Up to 1 million tons of milk were processed per year. 4 kinds of butter were produced: salt, unsalted, recovered, melted in the range of 50 tons per year. The production of hard cheese and casein, ice cream and drinking milk was started. In addition, there were procured raw butter from the households, lard and grease.
1950: Vysokovsky Creamery.
1.3 tons of milk were recycled which were procured from collective farms and households. Procurement of the raw butter from the households made up 30 tons. 50 tons of butter and 60 tons of hard cheese, casein, cottage cheese, ice cream were produced. The production of sour cream and yogurt began.

The plant had a subsidiary husbandry, a farmland. The plant produced boxes for butter, cheese and barrels. Gross production was made in the amount of 700 million rubles, the profit was 50 thous. rubles. The number of employees was 42 people. The average salary was 3.1 thous. rubles

 1965 : Vysokovsky Creamery.

They produced low-fat cheese, casein, dietic, blade and farmer cheeses. Brynza was produced, milk and cream were shipped to the Brest chief creamery and the Kamenetsk creamery.

Gross output was for 2.5 million rubles, the profit made up 44 thous. rubles. The company employed 60 people, the average salary was 90 rubles.
1975:  was a part of the Kamenetsk chief creamery.
1976:  Vysokovsky Creamery
Milk processing 22 thous. tons.
Production of butter 566 tons, cheese - 430 tons, whole-milk products (milk, sour cream) - 830 tons, low-fat cheese - 87 tons, casein -92 tons, milk and cream were shipped to the Brest chief creamery. The products were manufactured at the amount of 3.8 mln., the profit made up 77 thous. rubles. The number of employees - 68 people, the average salary - 141 rubles.
1992:        The branded trading is organized:  the company store “Veras” is opened.
2003:  On the basis of OJSC “Vysokovsky Cheese Plant” OJSC “Byelovezhskiye Syry” was created
Cooperative Belarusian-Russian Open Joint Stock Company “Byelovezhskiye Syry” was created by the means of attracting foreign investments for carrying out technical upgrading and reconstruction of the company. The company is the commercial organization with foreign investments.
In the period 2000 - 2008 the company repeatedly underwent renovation and expansion, the production volume increased, a new equipment from the leading manufacturers in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia was bought. All production departments, as well as their serving areas were subject to reconstruction.
In 2002 a new cheese-making workshop with two chambers for cheese ripening and storage of 560 square meters with individual freon cooling was put into operation. The workshop was furnished with the new equipment for the production of cheese.
In 2005, the reconstruction of whole milk production was performed, the butter line was set, a low-temperature chamber was built.
In 2006 a workshop for the processing of milk whey into albumin cheese was built and put into operation.
In 2007 the reconstruction of the mass preparation site and the receiving and processing site was performed, the chamber for cheese storage, the site for cheese packaging were put into operation.

The undertaken measures for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment in the period 2000-2008 allowed:

1. To increase the capacity of the feedstock by 2.2 times (from 22 to 48 thous. tons of milk per year)

2. To ensure the efficiency of processing the raw materials (all received materials are processed at the plant)

3. To increase the volume of production in physical and value terms (cheese production increased from 1,355 tons by 2.9 times and made up 4,000 tons). The output of products is 40 bln. rubles.

4. To introduce new products: (8 types of hard cheeses, cheese with cheddaring 2 types, melted cream cheese, animal butter of three types, albumin cheese).
In the period from 2010 to 2013 a partial re-equipment was made, the reconstruction of the mass preparation site was performed and the equipment for the production of cheese Feta was installed. The reconstruction of the whey processing site with the installation of equipment for the whey thickening was performed.
Life does not stand still, new technologies come up and become familiar. Thus, for the moment our company OJSC “Byelovezhskiye Syry” has quite a strong potential, expands the assortment of its products that meet high quality and taste characteristics.


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