Soft cheeses

“Feta” is a Greek word and is translated as “a piece”.

The first recipes for feta could be found back in the Ancient Greece in Homer’s works. It is a white cheese with delicate pleasant taste and milky sour flavor. The cheese is quite nutritious, the content of fat reaches 45%.

What are the benefits of Feta cheese?

  • Feta is rich in highly nutritious protein.
  • Feta can make you sleep better.
  • Large amount of calcium in cheese helps stay younger.


If you wonder what to cook to enjoy not only the taste but also the benefit of Feta cheese, here are some hints. Feta is often used in Greek salad, it goes well with grapes, warm and aromatic bread, red wine. Feta cheese is magnificent, and every day you can cook new and unusual dishes with it as your fantasy may suggest. We are sure that from now on Feta will be a welcome guest on your table!




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