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Cheese “Byelovezhskij trufel” with roasted peanuts

The cheese has mild cheese, slightly sour taste with the flavor of added spice mixtures (dill with garlic, basil, roasted peanuts, sweet pepper and garlic). Form of cheese – brick.

  • Cheese “Byelovezhskij trufel” with roasted peanuts
  • Cheese “Byelovezhskij extra”
  • Cheese “Pikovaja Dama”
  • Cheese “Yantarnij”
  • Cheese “Malber”
  • Cheese “Byelovezhskij trufel” with sweet pepper and garlic
  • Cheese “Gauda Byelovezhskaja”
  • Cheese “Korolevskij”
  • Cheese “Golden cheese”
  • Cheese “Byelovezhskij Parmezan Molodoj”


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Facts about cheese

The production of one kilogram of cheese requires 10 liters of cow 's or goat's milk. In some countries, cheese is prepared from a totally unexpected products such as, for example , sour cream , pea, soybean, cow or pig liver sugar and even with ice.

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